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kathryn conover

Although we’re not in it for the awards (beauty is it’s own reward, as the saying goes), we are proud that this watercolor beauty was cited by Style Me Pretty as one of their Top 20 Gowns of 2014.  Julia hand-painted almost all of the elements in her wedding, from the invitations to the name cards and, ultimately, her voluminous gown.

We love a painterly approach to any event, but it is the utter joy and je ne sais quoi spirit captured in Katie Slater’s photographs that leave us spellbound.

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kathryn conover

The day Christina met her future husband, the world went black and white and she saw Thomas in technicolor. Months later, the pair decided to inject even more color into their lives by wedding in beautiful Tulum, Mexico. Incidentally, the guests dressed entirely in shades of white. 

Have a look at their stunning photos and see how beauty, joy, and absolute exuberance abounded as these two celebrated their union. The ultimate joy for us? Christina loved her dress so much she slept in it. 


Photos by Quetzal Photography                                                                                                       



kathryn conover

We fell hard for this beautiful San Francisco bride's pristine style and modern vision. Kristi wanted the whitest of French lace and the lowest of backs for her nuptials at Lake Tahoe.  A true custom girl, she is already on her third Kathryn Conover dress and loves the process of creating something unique to her own style and fashion sensibility. 


kathryn conover

TT and Douglas, both fine artists, planned a wedding as beautiful, private and as refined as their work.  It took place deep in a luscious forest on a warm summer day;  their guests all helped build out their venue which added an element of community participation and commitment to their union.  We worked hard creating  a dress as exceptional as TT.  She was adamant about wearing a gown with a beautifully carved out low back covered in exquisite French lace....these photos capture the beauty of her vision fully realized.


kathryn conover

Meet Jennifer, a Southern beauty queen, ordained minister, philosopher and author of newly released tome Femmevangelical.  Jen wanted a gown as dazzling and colorful as her life.  Her desire was to unite he favorite three hues (nude, gold, and lavender) into one stunning wedding gown. The result is as modern and compelling as her feminist philosophy.

Enjoy these joyous and beautiful photographs.

Sarah Jessica

kathryn conover

Style Me Pretty recently featured Sarah and Stan’s wedding and as they heaped praise on this stunningevent,  they asked, what came first,  the venue or the style?  We can unequivocally tell you, the bride’s style!

What might you designfor a wedding gown for a young lady whose signature fashion look is the bodysuit andowns more than 25 of them?  We sealed the deal for this concept when Sarah fell hard for our short ivory feather skirt... lovingthe idea of a second look for her party.  Enjoy these beautiful photographs and most especially the joy of Sarah Jessica and Stan.

see more here….http://www.stylemepretty.com/little-black-book-blog/2015/02/18/modern-elegant-wedding-at-chicagos-museum-of-contemporary-art/?fb_ref=Default


kathryn conover

Meet the bride who married Mr. Bond, quite literally.  And now, she is Mrs. Bond.  It figures, actually when you consider her beauty, grace and charm... An effortless fashionista and trend setter, Ashley floated through all of the DIY details defining this wedding, creating the compeling  look and feel of a pastoral celebration.  And her silk mousseline bridal cape?  Heavenly.             


Ashley's photographs by Divine Light Photography       
See more of Ashley and Colin featured on Style Pretty featured here: 


kathryn conover

We love a beautifulblushing bride as much as anyone, but this one steals our heart with a venue that is as compelling and as iconic as her dress.  Meet Amy from Devon, England wearing a dress we cannot take our eyes off of.  Amy, a connoisseur of art, architecture and fine wine is as elegant and romantic as this stunning gown.  Her gown featuring 4 shades of blush Italian mousseline, silk netting with hand beading, appliqués and embroidery reflects the depth of her commitment to the finer things in life.  

Photography by Clare Kinchin, The Little Green Van Company, UK


Julia Wilde

Brittany first appeared in our inbox with an inquiry about a custom red wedding gown. The day of her appointment arrived and in walked a dazzling blonde, her arms full of magazine pages and a pinterest board devoted to red dresses. Let's call a spade a spade here. We love a left-field bride, but this was a big statement, and her mother and I looked on with anticipation as Brittany slipped on one white dress after another before she eventually came to a red one.

She was irrefutably, incontestably, and stunningly... right.

The girl lit up the room in red; nothing else came close. To this day, why this is true of Brittany and a red dress is still something of mystery.

Anyway, magical color established, Kathryn immediately began sketching into Brittany's requirements:  V-neck, drop waist, deep ruby red silk? Check, check, and check.

Enjoy the breath-taking result on this Lady in Red, married one fine November day in historic lower Manhattan.

(And can we also just note the fact that she got to flip the traditional bride-in-white, maids-in-color move - and added red shoes to complete her ladies' outfits? I mean, come on. How amazing is that?!)


Julia Wilde

Jen's incorporation of nude in a soft ombre struck the perfect note between romantic and forward. As a designer, herself, she came in armed with four different gown ideas she wanted to develop, and we went through them all! We made muslins with various moving parts, including lots of tulle, detachable peplums, pleated bodices, and the incorporation of French ribbon. At the very end of the process Jen fell in love with the idea of a nude ombre.  We developed the technique so that the actual color would sit underneath an English netting skirt. The combination kept things light and allowed the structure of the dress to really shine. You can read more about her spectacular wedding to Jon on one of our very favorite wedding sites, 100 Layer Cake!



Julia Wilde

Laila's only requirement was that she kept her shoulders covered. We accomplished her need for class - and added a little dose of sass - with a one shouldered flower embellishment. A stunning beauty, Laila also kept it real by doing make up for her bridesmaids and guests! Have a look at some excerpts from her spectacular wedding below.

Laila Cityscape


Julia Wilde

Alexa came to us after falling hard for the deep green dress Keira Knightly wore in Atonement. Kathryn was pretty thrilled, as she'd been hoping to design a similar dress since seeing the film! Fate. Though she was struggling a bit with the traditional bridal look, Alexa was already planning to wear a beautiful white gown for her own wedding, and she initially came in to create a custom piece for her best friend's marriage. However, during the process, she fell so hard for her beautiful dress that she decided to save it for her own day, changing out of her bridal gown after the ceremony and joining her new husband on the dance floor with a dramatic emerald entrance.

Take a look at her gorgeous photos below - and check out how effortlessly the surprise gown change worked with her already green-tinged wedding details! See? Fate.


Julia Wilde

April wanted to individualize each knee-length, purple silk dress to suit all six bridesmaids. "I had every type of girl: from sexy singles and modest moms to a bride to be who lived in England and a glowing mom to be (my pregnant sister, who ended up giving birth to my niece the week before!)," the bride says. The purple dresses were knee-length and worn with plaid sashes around the waist. We did not design or manufacture April's wedding gown - she did! Right down to the meticulous print on her skirt.  We think it's absolutely stunning, and just had to include a photo here. That woman's certainly got an eye!


Julia Wilde

Caroline was an British bride who went home with her fiancé for a spectacular English wedding (check out those grounds below!). And though she's a classically beautiful woman, she wanted a slightly more modern take on her gown than the traditional bright white. Caroline loves neutrals and natural colors, which she knew would work beautifully set against the English countryside. She also felt strongly about keeping her dress casual and warm to convey an intimacy within the wedding. In the end, we used a pale gold on her heavily draped gown and incorporated a beautifully embroidered cap sleeve. Congratulations Caroline!

Caroline Descends


Julia Wilde

Pink! Short! Lace! Brooklyn! Let us count the ways we love Diana. As an architect, Diana's passion is texture, and she very much brought that love to the creation of her dress. Of course, her OTHER passion for all things '50s and Chanel couture didn't hurt the process either. She did not want a traditional gown, and felt that keeping the hemline short was the most true to her. She fell head over heels for a beautiful french lace, to which we added literally thirteen other different textures and colors, and the rest is history. The dress, like her vintage-inspired wedding, felt simultaneously like a departure into the (very stylized) past and a celebration very close to home. To read more about her spectacular day, check out this feature on Ruffled! Cheers, Diana!


Julia Wilde

We created Layla's lovely tea length bridesmaid dresses in a sage that complemented her wedding colors beautifully. Like any strong bride, she was obsessed with the exact green and we spent quite a bit of time nailing it. In the end, the shade worked perfectly with her preference for silk and the maids looked stunning!

While we didn't do her gown, we can't resist including a close up of such a beautiful bride. Congratulations, Layla!


Julia Wilde

Breanne was a girl with a vision. And as a designer with PUMA, she knew her stuff. Breanne had fallen in love with a dress she saw on the red carpet some years ago; Demi Moore had worn it in peach. She said it was the dress she could not let go of, and we found a way to make it her own. Added bonus? We absolutely LOVED how the geometry of the dress played with the incredible architectural details of her reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Julia Wilde

We love a good mother daughter story, and we certainly got it with Laura and her mom. Laura wanted a feminine, classic ball gown with blue roses, and she also wanted to honor her mom as both the mother of the bride and the matron of honor, in a custom matching blue duchess satin gown. While designing with Laura was a joy, adding her mother into the mix and creating her special gown was a truly touching, lovely process. Check our Laura's wedding below!


Julia Wilde

Kitty was a classic, feminine bride who adored lace, and wanted to incorporate it in a way that would be appropriate for a garden wedding overlooking the Hudson River.  We kept the lines clean, called attention to her beautiful collar bone with a strapless neckline, and used a stunning, intricate lace that shone as the star of the show. At the last minute, the weather turned cold for the wedding day and we designed a white fur wrap with a big blue satin bow to keep our bride warm.  Kitty's mother (whose dress we also designed, along with the beautifully colored watermelon bridesmaid gowns) told us that this was her very favorite item of clothing at the wedding. So, ladies, if you're concerned about Murphy's Law hitting your wedding, sometimes a closed door does indeed open a fashionable window!

Check out the bride's family below - and note Kitty's bouquet, which is especially outstanding.

Mary Kate

Julia Wilde

We like to think of all our brides as rockstars. But Mary Kate really took it to another level with the inflatable electric guitars at her reception. She married Matt at a good ol' Texan Barbecue in Austin... in a very formal bridal gown, featuring both duchess satin and lace. Despite our initial reservations at such a casual/elegant juxtaposition, Mary Kate rocked the look and formality took quite nicely to informality for a night. Mary Kate's gorgeous gown featured detachable sashes in both ivory and Tiffany blue, and a Tiffany blue petticoat that peaked through as she danced.

And dance she did.